Introducing an immersive learning experience using a standalone “Virtual reality” headset embedded with CBSE pattern educational resources with a easy to use Interface, largest cloud library and education portal for parent controls and assessment analytics. DiveTech’s solution is an affordable modern technology to improve knowledge retention and digest complex/abstract concepts by visually and virtually experiencing them.

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Interactive and Immersive Modules to learn Math Physics Chemistry & Biology

Educational Tours

Students don’t always get a chance to visit and explore some of the wonders of the world. Imagine travelling to Paris and standing on the top of the tower, while learning about it. Imagine sitting on a white marble in front of a Taj Mahal while reading a chapter about Shah Jahan and Taj Mahal in one of your history lessons. This is exactly what VR can help you achieve. Learner can not only feel what it is like in Paris or Agra, but also learn about its architecture and design at the very same time.

English Learning Lab