Flexible subscription plan : To make it best comprehensive portable & interactive tech solution to be integrated into school’s curriculum.

As of right now, schools are using HQ Videos, powerpoint presentations and Smart boards for helping students visualize content. While these methods are partially successful to understand concepts visually, they lack interactivity and fail to adapt to student’s pace. Byju’s, Khan academy, Digital boards  are popular platforms trying to transform the way teaching and learning are done. Byju’s and Khan academy have great visual content, interactive modules but are not teacher friendly. While powerpoint and Digital boards are teacher friendly (Used while teaching), they are not really visual and interactive. Our platform is trying to be the best visual platform with interactive modules, all while keeping teacher still at core. Teach can control all the modules when and where to play / pause so that it can be smoothly be integrated into the existing curriculum.

Our solution is to integrate Virtual reality into classrooms. To do this effectively we have made partnership with Virtual reality manufacturers and Content providers. We designed a subscription plan which starts at 560 USD / Year for the cheapest plan. We have different plans upto 21,000 USD/ Year depending on schools tier and requirements. Having flexible subscription plans and ability to integrate into curriculum, we are able to target different tier schools across city and country.

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