Flexible subscription plan : To make it best comprehensive portable & interactive tech solution to be integrated into school’s curriculum.

As of right now, schools are using HQ Videos, powerpoint presentations and Smart boards for helping students visualize content. While these methods are partially successful to understand concepts visually, they lack interactivity and fail to adapt to student’s pace. Byju’s, Khan academy, Digital boards  are popular platforms trying to transform the way teaching and learning […]

Hands on VR

Enter the Virtual reality world by getting hands on experience on cutting edge technology thats takes you into virtual world and makes visualistaion a reality Visit tourist cities, learn physics, math, chemistry, develop inter-communicational skills, develop new lingual skills and many more opportunities right at your premises. Call us for a demo and schedue a […]

Study by VR

Enter the Virtual world of education and experience new way of understanding science, math and explore various iconic cities Understand complex mathematics, learn physics in more eventful way, explore many geopgraphical locations and iconic cities, Perform interactive chemical lab experiments Like to customize your workshop program as per your curriculum ? Contact us for customised […]