We focus on making education more effective and engaging thus making it more entertaining. We would like to call it as EDUTAINMENT (Education + Entertainment). We believe that Visualisation has been the missing piece of todays education system and we are here to add the visualisation through the state-of-the-art emerging VIRTUAL REALITY technology into educating culture, in a structural and responsible way.

If a picture is worth of 1000 words then a virtual scene is worth of 1000 pictures

We at Divetech are hard at work to equip students with technology and tools required to create an imaginative space and fulfill their fantasies and build experiences and knowledge We offer workshops and setting up a VR Lab be it at your school premises or your residential appartments, colonies, thus making you a part of evolution in education.

Reach us to know more about our workshops, setting up VR Lab opportunities and We also have multiple Rental Options designed for you.

Its time to evolutionize teaching via virtual environment

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