The next evolution in Education

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Better Retention

Immersive learning via VR platform inorder to keep students engaged and motivated, leading to better retention.

Distraction Free

Experiential learning platform to create a deeper level of engagement in a distraction free environment.

Plug and Play solution

Simple platform integrated with Plug and play solution to cater needs of different age group students.

Why will Students Love VR ?

Personal Relevance, & Valuable :

It Communicates clear learning goals of a module to the students and creates a sense of value to the learner rather than just pointing out the importance of it. By providing real world examples that students can relate to,VR gives an opportunity to experience them.

Choice and Control :

Learner is driver behind the learning.  Every student would want the modules or material to move at a pace which suits their learning rate and needs. A topic or a module might require some extra focus or time, to process it thoroughly before moving on to next topic, which is the luxury that a video or teacher centric lessons doesn’t provide. With VR environment, the control is in the hands of each student, allowing them to pace the modules according to their learning needs. This control and choice in turn increases student’s motivation as they are the agents of their learning.

Why VR For Learning ?

Distraction Free : 

VR is an experiential learning platform which can create a deeper level of engagement and a state of presence. Such platform can create a distraction free environment for better focus and attention on the modules and topics, positively affecting the retention rates all while making learning fun and interactive.

Immersive and Authentic experience : 

VR provides an opportunity to experience few real life scenarios which are difficult to achieve, dangerous, or just plain expensive. VR can most definitely help with visualization, increasing the connection between learner and concept. Now with VR student would be able to experience environments, worlds, and situations that we only dreamed and hoped would be possible. Imagine going inside a plant leaf to experience photosynthesis, which in real world is not possible. This immersiveness and authenticity creates a chance of much deeper understanding of concepts and such active methods used for learning can create excitement, maintain enthusiasm, and pique the interest of students.


Curriculum Alignment

Modules are designed responsibly with an eye on curricula to establish a relevance between each module and that which is being taught. This helps to fill gaps in the learning process, as it provides one more instance of visualising or interacting with a concept to understand it deeply overcoming any challenges of no clear comprehension.

Offline Usage

With a look-see-do style of VR for learning, students are encouraged to choose, explore, manipulate, and comprehend subjects like never before. We understand that learning can happen in different places at different times. Hence to make it more accessible and flexible all the content modules, VR tours, lesson playlists and Assessments would be available on device itself which can be accessed without an active internet connection. Learning shouldn’t stop because of connectivity issues.

Analytics and reports of Assessment tests

Assessment and analytics are required to find gaps in learning. Actionable data coupled with beautifully represented graphs will enhance and support the learning process.