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We focus on making education more effective and engaging thus making it more entertaining. We would like to call it as EDUTAINMENT (Education + Entertainment). We believe that Visualisation has been the missing piece of todays education system and we are here to add the visualisation through the state-of-the-art emerging VIRTUAL REALITY technology into educating culture, in a structural and responsible way. If a picture is worth of 1000 words then a virtual scene is worth of 1000 pictures We at Divetech…
About Us

What We Offer?


Enter the virtual world of education and experience new way of understanding Science, Math and explore various iconic cities. 1 Hour workshop session would involve hands on experience in different modules and get a real time experience of a virtual reality class. Like to customise your workshop program as per curiculum? Contact us admin@divetech.in for […]

Virtual Reality Lab

Make Virtual reality a part of your ongoing school curiculum? Through DiveTech, Schools can integrate VR Technology to enhance knowledge transfer making it quick,easy and effective. We assist teachers by providing them various features so that they can play and pause the content on all devices get the progress of each student and guide his […]

Library Setup

Make Virtual reality an integral part of your residential library? Through DiveTech, Residential complexes can integrate VR Technology to enhance knowledge transfer making it quick,easy and effective. Lets us help you setup a VR Lab and make visualisation a reality through our subscription plans. Ready to collaborate? Book a Demo

See What Our Customers Say

  • VR with its full 360 degree video experience would be a game changer in the way we learn and teach.

    A full circle education equipment

Our Pricing

X Days/ Week
Unlimited Video / VR content support
Software support
Teacher Training
Free Access to Add On Modules
Pay per use
Free access to Add on Modules
Prices reduce upto 70% from year 2
* All other benefits mentioned

Our Team

  • Sarat Chandra Vangipuram

  • Rohit Krishna TG

  • Sriharsha Chilakamarri

  • Sriteja Chilakamarri

Integrating VR into education


Flexible subscription plan : To make it best comprehensive portable & interactive tech solution to be integrated into school’s curriculum.


How to connect classrooms with Virtual Reality


Make Virtual reality a part of curriculum ?


Hands on VR


Study by VR

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